Our Services

Basic Editing

This involves proofreading for tone and style, punctuation and capitalisation glitches, clarity of statements, subject-verb agreement, consistency of voice, and overall comprehension. Let us help you give your write up that professional look it truly deserves.

Developing Technical Reports

Are you a grad student who needs help with your theses or resume or letters. Each of our editors are authors of scholarly work. They know what reviewers are looking for in scholarly submissions. Let us use our expertise to write your submission in a way few editors can.

Advanced Editing

This includes structural and developmental editing, in cases where coherence in structure, and development of certain parts of the manuscript is required.

Research & Content Writing

Either you run a website and need content or a business man who needs help with documentation, reports, letters, whole books, we can write these for you.


Have you got a voice recording that you would like to convert to text? No problem. We can help you.

Manuscript Evaluation

Do you need expert assessment and advice on what you have written? We can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats do you accept?

We mainly accept manuscripts in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file. Rich text format (.rtf) and text (.txt) files are also accepted, but these will be edited in Microsoft Word.

What is included in the word count? Which sections of my paper can you edit?

To find the total word count in a Microsoft Word document, first take out the references and any numerical table data, and then use the word count feature in Microsoft Word (under the Review tab). If you would like us to edit only part of your text, please request this when you upload your document.

Should I include the editing service in my Acknowledgments?

Please check any relevant guidelines (e.g. of your chosen journal and your funding body or publisher) regarding the acknowledgment of editing services.

With technical editing, we actively recommend that you acknowledge our input in your cover letter, the Acknowledgments section or both (whatever you feel is most appropriate). We do not believe that our service constitutes authorship, but a transparent indication of our input is in keeping with ethical expectations.

How do I know when my document is ready?

When the document is ready, you will be sent an email to download your finished document.

I submitted an MS Word file, and now I have all your revisions and suggestions highlighted in red. How do I include these changes quickly?

For MS Word files (.doc and .docx), we use the Track Changes and the Comments features. You can access the Track Changes and Comments tools by clicking on the Review tab.

You can use the tools on the Review tab to Accept or Reject changes one by one, or you can Accept or Reject the changes all at once.

You can also right-click on individual changes in the document to access the Accept/Reject functions.

Do you have a minimum order size?

There is no minimum order size, but bonuses exist for larger documents so if you have several small documents, you may want to merge them all in one.

How long will it take to get my business document back?

That depends on the service you order. We offer the following turnaround times for basic editing and proofreading:

Up to 5,000 words: Within 3 days
Up to 15,000 words: Within 1 week
Up to 50,000 words: Within 2 weeks

What are your business hours?

Our website is always open for orders. Our editors are on duty 24/7. Our administrative staff is available between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. WAT (GMT +1). We generally answer all emails within 24 hours, if not sooner.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work that was done?

SuperiorWords takes customer satisfaction very seriously. You can provide feedback directly to us or you can get in touch with us using the SuperiorWords Contact Us page or by calling us at +234 8178327384 and we will look into your issue immediately.

Do you offer discounts for bulk/long-term standing orders and/or business relationships?

Kindly visit our Services page to request a quote or find out additional information. We would love to hear from you if you see the possibility of a shared opportunity.

What are our options if we need a customized service?

We’re always happy to work with companies or institutions to find a solution to specific editing or language needs. If you are interested in potential options for a customized service, please consider contacting us directly. We can provide an adaptable editing service to meet the unique requirements of your business.

What are your payment options?

Our preferred method of payment is currently via wire transfer. We are working on a secure card processing system.

I’m concerned about copyright. Are my ideas safe?

Absolutely. SuperiorWords and its employees make no claim on your copyright, and we don't require credit, acknowledgment, or anything else beyond the fees for the services we render. Your work is safe on our secure, encrypted system, and no one outside of SuperiorWords will ever be able to access your work.


Basic Editing N750 per page
Advanced Editing N2500 per page
Transcribing N15000 per hour
Research and Content Writing N5000 per page
Manuscript Evaluation N200 per page
A page is defined as 250 words, one inch margin, double-spaced, twelve point font.
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    Quick turnaround... Excellent construction changes and suggestions that make for a smooth manuscript... Good job.
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